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Create custom workouts, add your own exercises, challenge your friends and interact with a global community. VOUM arms you with the power to fight stress, fatigue and lack of focus.

How does VOUM work?

Add your custom exercise or explore our extensive library to design a personalized workout

Track your progress and reach the top of the scoreboard

Create your own challenges, or join others for a little friendly competition

Backed by experts, powered by people like you. VOUM lets you rebuild your health and happiness from the inside out.

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VOUM gives you customisable tracking, so you can monitor the things that matter most. See your achievements, celebrate your successes, and see how you can improve.

All in one place. All on-demand.

Explore our exercise library with filtered options, video tutorials, and personal tips for your best workout. Or just add your own preferred exercises. Let yourself be inspired!



Elastic Band



Injury Prevention



Explosive Power

Get competitive with new-found friends

Сreate fun exercise-based challenges and go head-to-head with your friends! We believe that the idea of "winning" is an incredible motivator to help you push your limits when it comes to physical.

VOUM lifts you to the heights of your personal powers, then beyond

Work out together with your friends, no matter where you are

Create sport competitions with custom rules and challenge fellow users

Build custom workouts and track personal progress

Conquer the leaderboard and inspire others with your results

Learn from real athletes by exploring exercise library

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets VOUM apart from other fitness apps?

VOUM is a unique fusion of fitness and social aspect, designed to elevate your physical and mental well-being. With VOUM, you have the opportunity to explore an extensive exercise library, create personalized workout plans, monitor your progress, and engage in friendly competition with other users. It combines the best of both worlds, helping you achieve your goals while staying connected with friends on your fitness journey.

What's the typical process like?

To get the best out of it please set your training frequency, create a custom workout plan, and choose your preferred exercises. Then, simply add your gym buddies to your friends' list, train together, and engage in challenges to make the most of the app's social features.

Is VOUM suitable for beginners? Does it offer exercise tips?

Our exercise library is designed for users of all skill levels, offering video tutorials and tips to ensure a seamless workout experience. This way you can effortlessly create a workout at your preferred difficulty level and have all the guidance you might need.

How can I track my progress with VOUM?

In the Tracking section, you have the ability to log details about your workouts, including metrics like distance, time, repetitions, and weight. Your training statistics will be securely stored in your account indefinitely, allowing you to monitor your progress over time.

How does VOUM's social aspect work, and what's the purpose of the scoreboard?

Users can add each other to their friends list. This means that you can now monitor the progress, invite your gym buddies to challenges, see each other’s position in the scoreboard and other details. Scoreboard is a rating formed based on the number of workout streaks completed in a row (training weeks without gaps).

Can I use VOUM without access to a gym or specialized equipment?

Absolutely! VOUM offers maximum flexibility with minimal effort. In the VOUM app, you'll find a variety of exercises that don't require access to a gym or any specialized equipment.

How do I know that VOUM has exercises that match my interests?

If you’re looking for something specific, you can simply add your own custom exercise. Just set the name, optionally include a description for notes, relevant tips or a video of the exercise, and seamlessly incorporate your personalized exercise into your workouts!

What about privacy and data handling on VOUM?

We offer flexible privacy settings, allowing you to personalize which aspects of your progress data you choose to display and which ones you prefer to keep private.

What's the cost and platform availability of VOUM app?

Upon joining the waiting list, you'll receive a complimentary 3 month free period. Afterwards, you have 2 options: a monthly plan at €5,99 per month or a cost-effective annual plan at €52,99. But if you miss the waiting list we've got you covered with a 14-day trial anyway. Currently, VOUM is available on iOS, but stay tuned for Android versions.

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